Welcome to Sarah’s Story Stones. I’m Glad that you are here.  I created Sarah’s Story Stones because of my daughter Greta and her love of learning and my love for natural materials and creative endeavors. Two years ago I made a batch of hand painted stones for Greta so that we could engage as a family in creative storytelling. I used stones as my canvas and white paint pen as my medium to create unique line drawings because I knew that the natural materials and simple drawings would inspire creativity within my daughter. Over the years we have used our story stones many times as a family and as a tool for screen free independent play. Their most recent incarnation is as dog kibble for Greta’s numerous and well loved toy dogs. While I have modified my process, the ideas and designs for Sarah’s Story Stones remains largely the same, simple yet thought provoking white line drawings on dark stones. 

Now two years later I am embarking on this journey as entrepreneur so I can share these story stones with you. I hope that when you hold each one of the unique pieces of art in your hand, you too are inspired to tell a story, and make it your own.